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David; Solid Snake
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21st-Oct-2010 02:03 pm - General App WIP
Painfully Young
☣ Player

Name: Don
Personal LJ: none, but uses omnommarston
Age: 21
Contact: AIM or PM
Current Characters: Tried apping REX
Where did you hear about PP? Pie and Niki

☣ Character

Character Name: David; Solid Snake
Character Age: 23
Canon + Format: Metal Gear; Video Game

Background: HERE
Canon Point: This Snake is from the very beginning of Operation Intrude N313

Personality: Snake epitomizes the image of the "strong and silent" type of man. He takes his lumps and presses on without complaint, seeing the mission's completion as being more important than his own status. In fact, despite his many accomplishments throughout his career, Snake thinks very little of himself and often harshly derides himself for his mistakes.

Having spent his childhood years moving from foster home to foster home and receiving intense military training, Snake never really had a sense of stability in his life until he joined FOXHOUND. FOXHOUND was where David first felt truly at home, despite the resentfulness some of the older members have shown him. There were hushed rumors of the higher-ups playing favorites when the young man was recruited, but they quieted after he proved himself capable on the training fields. Snake is loyal to the unit and proud to serve with the men and women that make it up, holding his CO, Big Boss, in especially high regard.

At this point in David's life, he's had minimal contact with civilians and doesn't feel comfortable speaking with them. He's not really comfortable speaking at all; his upbringing focused heavily on unquestioning obedience though he's been known to cause some trouble by being bull-headed and refuting orders to back down from confrontations.

Snake needs to be active and to have a goal. Without a purpose, he risks falling into self-destructive behaviors and often needs someone to drag his ass out of whatever hole he's crawled into. Snapping him out of his depressions are easier at this point in his life; Snake is more trusting than he will become after Operation Intrude 313 and despite his veteran status, he is still naive to how devastating war is.

(In later years, Snake will recognize Meryl's "rookie eyes" because they look the way his used to.)

When it comes to relationships beyond professional ones, Snake is out of his comfort zone. Sex Ed for him consisted of being taught the technicalities of the physical act, learning about honey-trap agents, and observing how his fellow soldiers address and regard the fairer sex. That relationships even have emotional aspects is something he doesn't have any real knowledge-base for. David understands what is expected of him when he meets attractive women, but his flirting definitely lacks finesse.

Snake has been called emotionally stunted before, again due to his formative years. There's a childish part of him buried under layers of conditioning and years of killing, but he doesn't acknowledge it and wouldn't know what to do with it if he did. It's this youngest part of him that keeps him human and questioning despite the Patriot's attempts to grow a machine.

Appearance: HERE

Abilities: Snake has an IQ of 180 and is fluent in six languages, which includes English and French. He's a living legend among military black ops and well-trained in stealth. While undergoing the FOXHOUND training regiment, he became a master of high-altitude skydiving, scuba diving, and freeclimbing. Snake received training from FOXHOUND's drill sergeant, Master Miller, in regards to undertaking sneaking missions, and utilizing all of one's senses to detect an enemy's presence. Additionally, Big Boss personally trained him in the use of CQC and taught him the importance of having the will to survive on the battlefield.

Items/Weapons: A pack of “Lucky Strikes” cigarettes, A bandanna

☣ Samples

First Person Sample:

[A youthful voice can be heard over the crackling of the CLD.]

This is Solid Snake…
Your reply please.

[There’s a moment of silence as the man waits, apparently gathering his thoughts.]

Is what I’m being told true? This doesn’t seem possible.
Requesting information from other “Awakened”.

Third Person Sample:

This couldn’t be true, could it? Snake stared out at the dirty skyline, feeling lost. As a soldier, nuclear war had been something he’d fought against and abhorred the idea of; could it really be true that the war he’d worked for so long to prevent had already happened?

He walked down the street and tried not to gawk like a tourist. The city was alien to him, the time even more so.

Snake’s mission was apparently a lifetime away; there was no reason for him anymore. What good was a soldier who’d lost his purpose?

"...So find a new one."

If this was his life now, then there was little point in wondering about what might not have been real. Snake needed to focus on the now; shelter, supplies, and information. Life goes on; he can survive this.
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